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CTET Exam Pattern and Syllabus 2018 for Paper I & II – Check Here

CTET Examination Pattern and Syllabus 2018: Hello Readers, We know you are looking for the CTET Examination Pattern and Syllabus. The Central Board of Secondary Education is responsible for conducts the CTET examination and this year a large number of candidates ready for fill the CTET application form. So those candidates want to prepare better for the examination they should read the below mentioned CTET Exam Pattern & Syllabus 2018 before going to appear in the examination. For the success of yours, below we prescribed the important topic which has some circumstances to appear in the examination. So, let us have a glance at CTET 2018 Exam Pattern and Syllabus. The CTET Exam Notification will be released soon.

CTET Exam Pattern and Syllabus 2018 – Must Read Check

Here we have given the full exam pattern and syllabus for the CTET 2018 examination which notification will be released soon. We know almost candidates have started their preparation to crack the CTET examination 2018 and get good marks. The exam pattern and syllabus will help candidates to know the pattern the examination.

CTET Exam Pattern 2018 : Paper 1

Paper Name Total Questions Total Marks Duration
Child development & Pedagogy 30 Questions 30 Marks 2 Hours 30 Min
Mathematics 30 Questions 30 Marks
Language – 1 30 Questions 30 Marks
Language – 2 30 Questions 30 Marks
Environmental Studies 30 Questions 30 Marks
Total 150 Questions 150 Marks
CTET Exam Pattern 2018: Paper 2
Paper Name Total Questions Total Marks Duration
Child development & Pedagogy 30 Questions 30 Marks 2 Hours 30 Min
Language – 1 30 Questions 30 Marks
Language – 2 30 Questions 30 Marks
Science & Mathematics/ Social Science 60 Questions 60 Marks
Total 150 Questions 150 Marks

CTET  Syllabus 2018

CTET Paper 1 Syllabus :

1. Child Development and Pedagogy: The subject of  Child Development and Pedagogy have comprised the 30 number of weightage.

Child Development Topic
(15 Question)
Concept of Inclusive education
(05 Question)
Learning and Pedagogy
(10 Question)
1.Development Concepts.

2.Influence of Heredity and Environment.
3.Principles of the development of children.

4.Socialization processes
5.Piaget, Kohlberg and, Vygotsky.
6.Critical perspective of the construct of Intelligence.

7.Multidimensional Intelligence.

8.Language & Thought.

9.Gender as a social construct.
10.Concepts of child-centered & progressive education.

10.Distinction B/w Assessment for learning and assessment of  learning.

11.Formulating appropriate questions for assessing readiness levels of learners.

1.Addressing the Creative, Talented, Specially abled Learners.

2. Addressing the requirements of children with learning ‘impairment’, difficulties.

3. Addressing learners from diverse backgrounds.

1. Cognition & Emotions.

2. Motivation and learning.

3. How children think and learn.

4.Basic processes of teaching and learning.

5.Child as a problem solver and a ‘scientific investigator.

6.Factors contributing to learning – personal and environmental

2. Language I.
Language 1 examination paper contains the 30 Questions and each question has a weightage of 1 Marks.

Language Comprehension: Language comparison has comprises the grammar and verbal ability, passages and this part cover the 15 Marks.

Pedagogy of Language Development: It also have weightage of 15 Marks and it covers several topics such as Principles of Language Teaching, Role of speaking & listening, Acquisition, Language Skills, Remedial Teaching.

3. Language – II:

Comparison: In Language II examination paper questions comes from comprehension, verbal ability and grammar and this part have 15 number of weight in the exam so read this part carefully, before going to appear in the examination.

Pedagogy of Language Development: In this paper questions appear from Principles of Language Teaching, Learning and acquisition, Evaluating language comprehension & proficiency and Remedial Teaching. This paper also has weightage of 15 Marks so also focus on Pedagogy of Language Development.

4. Mathematics

  • Numbers
  • Geometry
  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Time
  • Volume
  • Data Handling
  • Patterns
  • Solids around
  • Division
  • Measurement
  • Weight
  • Money
  • Community Mathematics
  • Evaluation through formal and informal methods
  • Language of Mathematics
  • Diagnostic and Remedial Teaching

5. Environmental Studies

  • Concept and scope of EVS
  • Significance of EVS integrated EVS
  • Animals
  • Plants
  • Relationships
  • Work and Play
  • Scope & relation to Science and Social Science
  • Approaches of presenting concepts
  • Activities
  • Experimentation/Practical Work
  • Discussion
  • Environmental Studies & Environmental Education
  • Learning Principles

CTET Paper 2 Syllabus:

For the ease of candidates, here we provide some crucial topic for the CTET examination 2018 which has some probability to appear in the CTET 2 Examination. First of all, here we are prescribing the important topics of Mathematics subject these are Number System, Algebra, Geometry, Mensuration, Data Handling, Arithmetics and etc. The social studies paper comprise some topics such as Ancient History, Medieval History, Modern History, Geography, Social and Political Life, Pedagogical issues etc.

CTET Syllabus and Exam Pattern 2018

Here we mentioned some important topics which have chances to appear in the examination. We suggested to candidates that you must go through these topics before face the CTET examination. If you have any doubt regarding the CTET Exam Pattern and Syllabus 2018 then you must leave a comment here, we will assist you soon as soon possible.